What To Expect From A Reiki Session

Reiki is done by having the client lie on a massage table, while fully clothed, aside from the removal of shoes. The practitioner will move their hands a couple inches above the client’s body, and may at times place their hands on blocked chakras to clear the energy.  A warm, soothing energy flows from the hands to the client, and the client may experience warm or cool sensations, tingling, deep relaxation, and even sleep. 

No two sessions are the same, as the practitioner uses their intuitive abilities to access what areas need healing, and may at times be able to sense blockages in the chakras (energy houses within the body), and if the client would prefer, the practitioner can describe what they are sensing or seeing. 

After your session, keep these tips in mind:

      • Drink plenty of water to help ground you, and flush any toxins that may begin to be released from the body
      • Take it easy for a couple hours afterwards, as you may need to readjust to the new sensations
      • Take some time over the next few days to sit silently and reflect or meditate
      • You may want to journal about your session and what you experience over the next couple of weeks