“I was initially skeptical about reiki; however, after my first session with Jordan I was sold! She is attentive, caring and works wonders to clear negative energy and rebalance my body! It’s like a mini therapy session for me and Reiki is now a part of my self care routine.”

– Tracy 

“Jordan is awesome and I would highly recommend her.  She is a great mix of reiki, intuition and healing.  I was experiencing some light pain in my knee when I went for a run.  I went to her and she was able to identify the area and “do her magic”.  My knee hasn’t hurt since.  I also know others who have gone to her and consistently they leave feeling relaxed and refreshed – just like I did!”

– Greg

“Jordan truly has a special gift. She was recommended to me by a friend who goes to her regularly. After my first session, I left feeling so much more present and relaxed. A few months later, while processing some of life’s more challenging moments, I decided I was in need of another session to help me clear out some things I was stuck dwelling on and refocus. That same day Jordan reached out to me to ask how things were going! The timing was perfect. Now I try to make regular appointments to help me remain present and uncluttered mentally. Jordan has such calming and caring energy. I strongly encourage anyone who does Reiki to visit Jordan and those who have been considering it, Jordan would be a great first experience!”

– Adam